Hi, I'm Baron :-)

Clinical  and Web Psychologist

About ME

Hi, I'm Dr. Baron Crespo.

Psychologist 24/7

Clinical by Day. Industrial by Night.

Specialties: Primary Care Psychology. Web Psychology. Psychopharmacology. Forensic Psychology.


I've created the FREE Walk-in Clinic Online with Behavioral and Prevention Care Inside! It's going to give you instant access to hundreds of brief behavioral self-help coping strategies in ebooks, audio, and videos, that you can do at home. Listen, if you've been struggling with life and waiting to be seen by a mental health provider, then you need this Walk in Clinic, because it will give you instant access to free behavioral self-care strategies. If You are a provider, and you can't see your patients right away, then you also need this clinic, because it will help your patients with access to self-care, and will get a huge head start in psycho-educational materials and coping strategies right away. No more care-less waiting lists. So, just click the button below and we'll give you access right away. There's no catch. Look around, there are no ads to profit from here. I'm doing this because I honestly feel that no one should be put on a wait list, or restricted from accessing these self-help coping strategies until they see any licensed provider. I've already taken care of the products for you, all I need for you to do is to sign up below to claim your free account, and you're in. If you have your own resources and you'd like to add them to the Walk-in Clinic, just email me below, we'll review it and add it to our arsenal. Because I only have a limited number free accounts, I recommend that you don't wait, I don't want you to be left behind. If you don't love it, let me know how to improve it, and we'll fix it, guaranteed. One more time, what you're getting is hundreds of brief behavioral self-help coping strategies in ebooks, audio, and videos that you can do today at home, for any behavioral manifestation that is affecting your quality of life right now: mood, anxiety, stress, insomnia, nightmares, panic, anger, addictive behaviors, parenting, public speaking, relaxation skills,  guided imagery, meditation, and much more. So, come right in! 

                Walk-in Clinic It's Free!

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